Understanding The Journey

You + Integrity.

Maybe this is your first time looking into Home Care and Hospice options, and maybe you've been here before. Whatever your level of experience, we are here to help you ask the questions you might not even know to ask yet. And to show you how an overwhelming situation can be simplified into and experience that ultimately brings joy to your life and your family.

Whats On Your Mind?

Where do I even start?

We know that Home Care can be confusing, which is why we do everything we can to demystify it for you. Our Care Navigation program assists each person who seeks our services in understanding their options, making great decisions, and keeping costs low. You can also use our Virtual Advisor to start to get a sense of your care needs.

Can I afford this?

There are many ways to pay for care such as Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance. Our Care Navigators will work with you to get the assistance you need, based on their comprehensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry.

What kind of care do I need?

Our Virtual Advisor is a great tool to help with that, but you can also speak directly with a Care Navigator. From companionship to clinical care, like intensive nursing and hospice, we provide all levels of caregiving to match your specific circumstance.

How do I know how much care I need?

Do you need help with housekeeping, or do you need a constant presence to ensure life runs smoothly? Our strength is providing a continuum of care that changes based on your needs and condition. From caregiving to nursing to therapy we can help you determine the level of care that seems right.

Who will be helping me?

Each person has a Care Navigator to determine care needs and payment options. From there, you will have a dedicated team of care providers to meet your medical, non-medical, and advocacy needs that works in harmony through Care Navigation.

How do I know team members are qualified and screened?

Integrity has rigorous internal training for all team members when we hire them, and also with required ongoing training. Our team members go through a background screening process and have routine on-site supervision visits to assess quality and competency.

Will it always be the same people?

As much as possible, yes. Sometimes a hiccup in schedule can’t be helped, but if you do have a team member that misses a day, the person who steps in will be absolutely up to date on your care. Regardless of any schedule or service changes, your Care Navigation Team is always available to assist.

What Integrity Looks Like

No two Home Care and Hospice journeys are alike, but sometimes it's helpful to see what has worked well for someone else. Take a few minutes to read about the difference that Integrity has made in the lives of three families.

Home Health

Maryetta’s Fall

“This is something you don’t think will happen to you. You hear about it from other people but then it happens. All of the sudden, instantly, you are forced to deal with it. What am I going to do? Am I going to have to leave my job? Will I have to move to take care of mom? It wasn’t until I started asking questions about what was available, that I really knew there was help out there.’ -David Robinson, Maryetta’s son

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The Carroll Journey

“It’s difficult at first, because they may have a lot of apprehension and fear going into it, but usually by the end of that there is a lot of relief and understanding and appreciation of the help they have available. When we start the conversation, even it’s the first time, we reassure them of all that’s available and you can see their fears and misunderstandings go away. It is nice to give that relief.” - Jenny Nelson BSN, Admissions Nurse Hospice

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Robin’s Story

Help at home was imperative to bring a sense of normalcy. Having a child with special needs can feel overwhelming. You have to find a new normal. Between the obligations of your other growing children’s needs, somewhere you lose yourself along the way of worry, of guilt, of constant questioning. Shouldn’t I be able to manage all of his care as his mother? Isn’t that what people think when they see you have an attendant or a nurse? Am I a failure because I need this help? No, I am a successful parent because I am acknowledging our needs and what this help affords us to do. The statistics on families with special needs children can be frightening, everything from domestic abuse, to divorce rates. Having help offers the relief of a few hours to reenergize, refocus, take a break and get back to it. The guilt of feeling you are neglecting other family members, the fear of not doing everything you can, the judgement you feel of society in why you kept your child, those feelings can be overwhelming. Home care allows you to step outside the situation.” -Robin, Seth’s Mom

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