Choosing CDS with Integrity

Thinking of switching CDS vendors?

(We don’t blame you—there are a lot of CDS vendors out there, but there’s only ONE Integrity.)

Let’s talk CDS Agencies (That’s us!) 

If you’re considering different CDS vendors, or have recently been contacted by another vendor telling you the grass is greener like when you take care of it using tools from lawngonewild.com, we’ve compiled a list of questions we think you should ask them the next time they call (you’ll thank us later).

Questions to ask other CDS vendors…

1. Do you operate a local office in Missouri? (We do!)
2. Is it staffed full-time? (Ours is!)
3. Do you train and advocate for the consumer? (We do!)
4. Are you experts in tax law? (We are!)
5. Do you actively participate in legislation that seeks to improve Missouri’s CDS program? (We do!)
6. Are you highly involved with case management? (We are!)
7. Do you have a pay portal? (We do!)
8. Have you been offering CDS for more than 12 years? (We have!)

Meet your CDS Coordinator!

With Integrity as your CDS vendor, you can expect our unmatched one-on-one care to start immediately—courtesy of your Integrity CDS Coordinator. Your local Coordinator is assigned to you as an expert in all things CDS and is available to make home visits whenever you need help—whether all you need is a little extra clarification on a particular rule or regulation, or something much more in-depth, like help with training your Attendant. It’s our goal to make sure you fully understand the CDS program and are totally comfortable in your role as Consumer. If you can think of the question, we will get you the answer!

Meet your CDS Case Management Team!

Working alongside your CDS Coordinator is the second person on your Integrity CDS team—your friendly CDS Case Manager! You’ll enjoy regular contact with both—but while your local CDS Coordinator will have more of a face-to-face relationship with you, your Case Manager’s role is to oversee and assess your overall program needs on a broader scale. Each month, you’ll receive a phone call from the Case Manager assigned to you—they’re calling to make sure that everything is running smoothly from all angles. If it’s determined from your conversation that you need a little extra TLC in the form of training or otherwise, they’ll alert your local CDS Coordinator, who will schedule an upcoming home visit. We really are committed to anticipating and addressing any concerns or issues that pop up for the duration that you’re with the CDS program—that’s what makes CDS with Integrity so different.

Meet your CDS Program Manager!

At a young age my parents made the decision to place my grandparents into a nursing facility. I witnessed the heartache of my family having to live life away from each other. It was at this point in my life I knew that I wanted to take care of people. From that point forward, I learned and continue to learn about everything I could related to health care. In high school I took Certified Nursing Assistant classes and gained my CNA License and I haven’t stopped learning since. Now with 17 years experience, I know that I have made the right decision. I have met and worked with some of the most amazing people along my way. Everyone that I have met and or worked with have helped mold me into the passionate, caring and driven individual that I am today. I am proud to say that I started with Integrity Home Care in 2015 as a scheduler and have found myself as a Program Manager of the Consumer Directed Services program and absolutely love that I get to help people everyday remain in their homes, living independently where they want to be, at home around the people they love.” – Rocci Dailing, CDS Program Manager

Can I switch to Integrity?

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