CDS Made Simple

“Consumer Directed Services”. Even the name seems complicated—so we understand how easy it is to get caught up in the confusing details—do yourself a favor and let us handle that part! We’ve been offering CDS services for over 12 years, so if there’s a way to help get you qualified, we’ll find it.

Just remember the CDS Three:

  • The Consumer is the qualifying individual who needs home care due to a disability or health condition.
  • The Attendant is the individual who provides the care, and is chosen and hired by the consumer.
  • The Vendor is the company that handles all payroll, taxes, training, care management and case management, and is the clinical support system for both the attendant and the consumer along the way (that’s us!)

When we apply the above definitions, the fog surrounding the name of this state-funded program hopefully clears a bit. Simply put, the Consumer Directed Services program is a way for someone to receive home care by hiring their own caregiver, without having to handle their own administrative duties like payroll, taxes, hiring paperwork, etc.