Hi there, future CDS Consumer!

Quick check: Does this statement sound like you?

I am an individual who needs home care services, and I’d love to be able to pay my my family member/close friend to be my caregiver!

(*Even if you don’t already have someone in mind, that’s ok! We can help with that, too.)

If so, you’re in the right place, and you’re searching for more information about qualifying as a Consumer of home health care services funded by Missouri’s Consumer Directed Services program. (If we got too excited and dropped you off on the wrong page, just click HERE to go back to the mother ship!)

Let’s talk Consumers:

This can be a confusing term—but simply stated, it’s the term used to represent the person receiving home care services. The Consumer is also the person who is in charge of choosing and hiring their own caregiver.

The funds used to pay your caregiver come from the Department of Health and Human Services and are available at NO cost to you.

A few important things to remember—to qualify as a CDS Consumer, you must:

  1. Be eligible for Medicaid
  2. Be able to self-direct your care
  3. Have a qualifying disability that requires home-care.  (Unsure what’s considered a ‘qualifying disability’? Let us help to determine whether you are a good candidate for CDS. We basically wrote the book on this program, so if anyone can get you an accurate answer without a lot of runaround, WE can.)  

Do I qualify as a CDS Consumer?

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