Hello, future CDS Attendant!

Quick check: Does either statement sound like you?

I am a caregiver currently providing care to a loved one, and had no idea I could be compensated!


I’m just an amazing human looking to start a career caring for the elderly and/or disabled!

If so, you’ve landed here correctly, and you’re searching for more information about qualifying as an Attendant to someone who needs home care services through Missouri’s Consumer Directed Services Program. (If we got carried away and whisked you off to the wrong page, just click HERE to go back to the role descriptions and we’ll try again!)

Let’s talk ‘Attendants’:

Sometimes called Caregivers, Aides, or Companions. This person can be a close friend, a relative (provided they are not a spouse), or any other individual that the Consumer trusts and feels comfortable with, and is the person responsible for providing the care needed as determined by Missouri’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). You do not need to obtain any special licenses or certification to provide care to your Consumer.

As a CDS Attendant, you will be hired and employed by your Consumer to take care of them, but Integrity will take care of all the rest—paperwork, payroll, taxes, case management—anything else that the Consumer needs to help manage their care.

Meet a few CDS Attendants with Integrity!

– Duwanna

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– Judy

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– Ashley

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– Sue

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