CDS with Integrity—as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Find out how MO Medicaid can compensate your caregiver.

If you’re visiting our CDS website, chances are you’re one of three people:


1. A future ‘Consumer’: An individual with unmet home care needs who wants to learn more about choosing, hiring and paying their own trusted caregiver/aide at no cost to them.


2. A future ‘Attendant’: An individual who may already be providing caregiving services to a family member or friend and wants to learn more about how to receive payment from Missouri’s CDS program for these services, or maybe you’re someone interested in starting a career caring for the elderly and/or disabled (if so, we’d like to clone you, immediately. The world can never get enough of people like you!)


3. A current Consumer or Attendant: An individual who is already involved with the CDS program with another vendor, and would like to know more about why switching to Integrity is a great choice.


Which best describes you?

Still Confused?

It’s Okay

Let’s recap—there are THREE important components of every CDS relationship.

The person receiving care (the Consumer)

The person giving the care (the Attendant)

The Vendor that provides insurance, payroll services and case management (that’s us!)

Click one of the above links to learn more about each role—or just click the button below to get in touch with us—help is on the way!

CDS with Integrity—as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Click the links below to learn more.


I am the Consumer:

The person receiving care.

An elderly or disabled individual who receives caregiving services from the caregiver they have choosen, hired, and pay at no cost to themselves through Missouri’s CDS program.


I am the Attendant:

The person providing care.

An individual who provides caregiving services to an elderly or disabled family member, friend, or acquaintance. This caregiver receives payment for their services from Missouri’s CDS program.


We are the Vendor:

The company supporting care.

A Company which supports CDS caregiving services by providing attendant on-boarding, payroll services and case management.