Comfort and affirmation of life. These simple words are the goals of hospice care. For individuals nearing the end of their lives, we help make the most of each remaining day with the finest physical, emotional and spiritual care wherever you call “home.”

Our support team goes beyond pain relief and personal care, to providing services that create comfort. Like the relaxing effects of massage, the joy and rest that music therapy promotes, and the snuggles and laughter that our pet therapy team brings to a room.

Hospice care is care for the whole family. From companionship to prayer, lending an ear to navigating paperwork, we are here to help your remaining time together be quality time. Bringing this personal care to you reduces numerous trips to the hospital and reduces stress for everyone involved. You don’t have to bear the burden of doing it all alone, bereavement support is available to families as they continue their journey. We believe your care should be too.

Hospice is a Medicare benefit, and is paid 100%. Medicaid and other programs can provide coverage as well.


Hospice At A Glance: The Basics

  • Services Provided

    Hospice provides emotional, social, and spiritual support for the patient and their family.

    Our care team provides pain management and sympton control, and additional ancillary services, including speech, music and physical therapies, massage therapy and pet therapy, that ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

    Pastoral services and Bereavement Counseling is provided for the patient and family.

    Hospice also provides needed medications, supplies, and equipment in relationship to the primary diagnosis.

  • Funding Source(s)

    Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or Private Insurance.

  • Age(s) Served

    Hospice is available to anyone of any age.

  • Length of Care

    Typically 6 months or less. 

  • Agency Criteria

    Anyone with a life expectancy of 6 months or less, assuming their life-limiting illness runs its normal course is eligible for hospice care.

  • Requires physician order or state approval?

    A physician order is required to start care and, if needed, we can help obtain necessary documentation. No physician's order is needed for an evaluation.


Care Team: Who's Here To Help?

  • Nurse

  • Chaplain

  • Bereavement Coordinator

  • Aide

  • Medical Social Worker

  • Volunteers

Questions You Should Ask

  • What is the nurse to patient ratio?

    When dealing with a life-limiting illness, clients and their families need their hospice agency to be accessible. Integrity Home Care + Hospice focuses on maintaining a lower staff to patient ratio that allows the interdisciplinary team to focus on the needs of the clients and families they serve and be there when they need support.

  • Does the agency provide any extra services beyond what is required?

    Agencies are required to provide the core services of: nursing, social work, pastoral services and bereavement counseling. Many agencies stop there. There are other services, supports and therapies that can ease pain, and help clients and their families deal with the emotional impact of their situation. These services may include companionship, music therapy, pet therapy, massage, aromatherapy and much more. These are all services that Integrity Home Care + Hospice provides to our hospice patients and their families.

  • What is the typical response time if we need to reach someone after normal business hours, on weekends & on holidays?

    When dealing with a life limiting illness and needing support or advice, every moment counts. It is important to discuss expectations for response time with your hospice agency. At Integrity Home Care + Hospice, you can expect a call back within fifteen minutes. If a physical visit is needed, we will be there within an hour. Your care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be responsive and available if symptoms are not controlled or if our patients and families need additional support.

  • How often are visits made and how long does each one last?

    Routine nursing visits are usually twice a week, with an aide also twice per week. However, varying care needs, providing respite, or a client's condition may determine daily or increased visits. A typical visit is generally one half hour to one and a half hours, but may vary according to client and family needs. We know time is precious and our focus is to make every moment count.

  • How quickly will a team member from our hospice be there to begin care?

    We prefer to come out the same day when at all possible, unless the patient or family requests another time.

Understanding your payment options for Hospice

Medicare and Medicaid pay 100% for Hospice services, including visits, equipment, and medications. Private insurance coverages vary according to plan limitations.