Being Cared For at Home?

Find out how MO Medicaid can compensate your caregiver.

What is CDS?

CDS stands for Consumer Directed Services which is a Missouri Medicaid program that is authorized through the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). This program will provide compensation to a loved one who is caring for you at home as long as that loved one is not a spouse.

The state of Missouri will work with individuals who qualify to reimburse their caregivers.

Do You Qualify?

How Does CDS Work?

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) allows you to direct your own care. You assume the role of employer and are responsible for recruiting, selecting, training, managing and terminating your attendants. These caregivers may be anyone other than a spouse, including friends and family who have stepped into the role of caregiver.

How Integrity Home Care + Hospice Can Help

Integrity is a CDS agency, and an FMS (Fiscal Management Service) Vendor. What that means for you is that Integrity will act as a fiscal manager, processing payroll and taxes for your attendants, as well as performing background checks and providing advocacy and case management support.

Q:  Who qualifies for CDS?
A:  Anyone with active Missouri Medicaid, who is 18+ years old, has a physical disability that restricts their ability to care for themselves, has the ability and desire to self-direct their own care and supervise an attendant, and meets level of need as determined by DHSS assessment. 

Q:  Who can be an attendant for a CDS recipient?
A:  Anyone the participant chooses who is 18+ with a clear background screening, including friends and family (but excluding spouses).

Navigating home care can be challenging.

We are experts and we are here to help. Integrity proudly offers CDS to empower customers and caregivers.