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Which Type of In-Home Care Is Right For Me?

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

In-Home Care options can be confusing. Integrity is Here to Help.

Home care. Home Health. In-home care. Private Care. Private Duty Care…oh my.

Wait—so they don’t all mean the same thing? If you’re wondering this, you’re not alone. While they all fall under the category of ‘healthcare services you can receive at home,’ there are a few distinct differences that you’ll want to be aware of—most having to do with the types of funding and health qualifications that pertain to each. The good news is that Integrity Home Care & Hospice offers all of them, from in-home care to rehabilitation, so you’ll never have to wonder if you’re in the right place!

What Is In-Home Care?

Let’s start with home care. First, to help you remember the difference between home care and home health, focus on the word “care.” When you find yourself or a loved one needing “care” in the form of bathing and dressing, meal preparation, errands and shopping, companionship, chores, etc., you are most likely needing “home care.” (At Integrity, however, home care can evolve to include more skilled medical procedures such as ostomy hygiene and catheter care.)

In-home care is also sometimes referred to as “private care,” “private duty care,” or “In-home services.” In reality, these three things are the same type of service–the difference being that “in-home” services are those which are mandated/called-for by the state and funded in the same manner, whereas “private (duty) care” is, as it implies, privately funded by you (not Medicaid).

Who Can Receive In-Home Care?

Home care can be self-referred, meaning you do not need your physician to write a prescription to receive this care. In fact, of all the services we will talk about in this blog, home care is the service with the least amount of ‘qualifiers’ needed to receive. Anyone who needs care at home due to aging, disability, injury, or illness can receive home care–from a couple of days in duration to indefinitely.

Funding for home care can come from many different sources, including Medicaid (but not Medicare), county tax and grant programs, private insurance, long-term care insurance, VA benefits, workers’ comp, or private payment. If you’re not sure which funding source is right for you, Integrity Home Care & Hospice has decades of experience helping connect these dots, and we’d be happy to help connect yours!

What Is Home Health & Rehab and Who Can Receive It?

A bit further down the spectrum of care offered by Integrity Home Care & Hospice is a service called ‘home health.’ Again, as with the concept of home care, try to focus on the word “health” to help clarify. Home health is more specific/advanced in nature than home care, and is by nature, more medically advanced.

If you have an injury or illness that requires therapy, treatment, or rehabilitation to restore or maintain your health, then you most likely need home health care. Some examples of what’s involved with this type of service are:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Wound treatment
  • Ongoing health monitoring

Unlike home care, home health services do require a prescription from your doctor, you must be classified as “homebound” (i.e. leaving home requires considerable and tasking effort), and it must take place in 60-day episodes. Funding for home health services can also come from a variety of sources— the main differences being that they can be funded by both Medicaid and Medicare as well as Medicare replacement plans, but cannot be funded with county tax and grant programs or long-term care insurance.

Contact Integrity Home Care for More Details

For more information on the home care services and home health & rehabilitation services that Integrity Home Care & Hospice provides, please give us a call or contact us through our website. We will return your inquiry promptly and will gladly answer any questions you may have about how we can help bring your healthcare home!