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What Sets Integrity Apart From Other In-Home Care Agencies?

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

We offer medical and non-medical private in-home care.

Many in-home care agencies are limited to non-medical care, which generally means they cannot provide nursing care or nursing oversight as an option. This also means that their caregivers are unable to perform more complex tasks such as catheter care, bowel programs, using lifting and transfer devices, etc.

At Integrity, because your in-home care plan is based on your unique needs as they evolve, we’re able to work with you and your family to continually customize that care plan—even if this means additional medical care. You won’t have to switch providers or move to institutional care if your needs increase—and (even better), at Integrity, our team will help facilitate these transitions seamlessly.

We Utilize Industry-Leading Compliance Programs

Having a compliance and monitoring program in place helps an in-home care agency respond to and resolve issues quickly, which raises the overall quality of care received. At Integrity, we’ve found that the best way to continually monitor and improve our quality of care is simply to ask our patients and clients. Utilizing this feedback gathered from regular surveys helps us better understand how to resolve issues, train, and improve. In addition to gathering frequent feedback, we’ve formed teams dedicated and committed to quality assurance, outcome improvement, and client advocacy. We will always work hard to resolve care concerns and ensure safety in the home.

We Provide Ongoing Training

Many states do not require specific training for caregivers when a family pays privately for in-home care. This can become problematic if and when your loved one’s care needs change or diagnosis progresses. Integrity provides extensive initial and ongoing training for all staff to ensure we consistently uphold our mission to deliver care with unmatched skill, compassion, and integrity. And we don’t just train our staff. One of the things families love the most about us is that we take the time to teach them how to care for their loved one when we are between visits, giving them confidence in their abilities to take over when needed.

Our Team

Aside from all of the above reasons, there is nothing that sets Integrity apart from other in-home care agencies more than our people. The amount of passion each has for their part in a client’s life is truly inspiring. Our staffers chose this career because they feel called to help people, to make a difference in their day-to-day lives, and ultimately, to change lives. If Integrity sounds like a great fit for your family’s in-home care needs, we’re just a call or an email away—contact us today to start your health care journey at home. We’re here for you. There with you. All along the way.