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What Is Bereavement? Hope and Healing One Day at a Time With Integrity Home Care + Hospice

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

When we say hospice care is care for the whole family, we truly mean it. Integrity Home Care + Hospice is here for you. There with you. All along the way. 

We understand that the journey through grief is life-changing—you don’t have to bear the burden of doing it all alone. We would be honored to walk with you as this last chapter of your loved one’s story is written, to be your friend, and to give you peace.

Hospice Care Isn’t the End of What We Do

At Integrity, our in-home care offerings include the option of hospice services as needed. When you choose hospice services with Integrity Home Care, our support doesn’t stop with the passing of your loved one. In many ways, it’s just getting started. Our team of bereavement coordinators is ready to stand by your side, helping you to gradually move past the paralyzing fear of loss and preparing you to move into a ‘new normal’— with hope for the future.

When a loved one on hospice services passes away, the Integrity bereavement team will take the place of the clinical team that has most recently provided the in-home care that hospice delivers. At times, even this transition can be painful—but take comfort in the knowledge that our bereavement coordinators will welcome you to fully lean into them and allow them to help guide you through this time. 

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Our Bereavement Services

For a period of 13 months after the passing of your loved one, Integrity Home Care’s bereavement coordinators will provide support for you and other surviving family members by: 

  • Providing relevant resources to the family and hospice staff. 
  • Helping identify unique struggles and coping skills necessary to move into a ‘new normal.’ 
  • Supporting the primary caregiver, as well as other bereaved members, as needed. 
  • Managing a bereavement Plan of Care on request. 
  • Communicating with family and friends of the deceased, including 3-5 weekly in-home visits, regular phone calls, and personalized letters. 
  • Hosting support group meetings—Forget Me Not Fellowships—throughout our communities. 
  • Hosting memorial receptions—including our Forget Me Not Holiday Reception with personalized holiday ornaments. 

*Pre-bereavement services are available in situations where high-risk assessment determines the need. 

Lead. Move. Believe. Care.

At Integrity, we believe strongly in the value of in-home care, and by extension our bereavement services, because they exemplify our company’s passion and stated purposes. They Lead others to hope and healing for their future, Move individuals past their paralyzing fear of grief and loss, Believe that the future can be more than an endless path of grief, and Care by providing relevant resources, offering active listening, and delivering compassionate companionship. 

Our highly skilled bereavement team will gently lead you through this chapter of life with grace and a quiet strength that will allow you to begin a new journey of hope and healing one day at a time. Contact us today to learn more or call toll-free 1-855-442-4968.

Candles lit as a memorial