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The Integrity Care Compass—How it Guides our Quality of Care and Helps Us Determine ‘What Matters Most’

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

In the most general of terms, a compass is an instrument used for navigation and orientation—something to help guide you and keep you on track. You may have noticed the image to the left in various Integrity handouts, or peeking out from the background of our website and social media platforms, but did you know that it was actually our very own Care Compass?

The philosophy of the Integrity Care Compass is rooted in our core values and guides the delivery and quality of the in-home care we provide to patients across the Midwest. At Integrity Home Care, we approach home care differently, focusing first on What Matters, instead of a particular diagnosis or list of limitations. Working together, our clinical and support teams can then honor the well-being of the whole person by providing solutions that address what matters most to each of our patients and their families.

That’s the center of our Care Compass—What Matters.

When we keep this at the core of every decision we make, it ensures that while each patient’s needs may be vastly different, we are maintaining the same consistent quality of care with each individual by allowing the four points of the Integrity Care Compass to guide our solutions and plan of care. 


Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you could see and hear everything going on around you, but you couldn’t move? Whether you were just in a constant state of being stuck, or you couldn’t move out of the way fast enough to avoid a dangerous situation—those things are considered a nightmare for a reason. Mobility is more than just getting up to go to the bathroom. It’s about our patient’s sense of autonomy, their safety, their ability to accomplish tasks inside and outside the home, and above all, maintaining their comfort getting around. When our in-home care therapist teams address mobility issues, our patients are able to enjoy a restored sense of freedom and accomplishment that cannot be overstated. 

Mental Status

Sometimes it’s hard for clients and their families to observe mental changes when they’re close to the situation. And when gradual changes seem sudden, it can be disorientating and downright scary for patients and their families. That’s why it’s important for our in-home care teams to offer an extra set of eyes and ears when it comes to observing and responding to emotional shifts, confusion, and how sleep or pain can affect how a patient feels each day. Our goal is to help our clients and their loved ones adjust and feel safe as their mental status changes throughout their health journey with us. 


Prescriptions can stack up when clients have a health care need or face several chronic health conditions at one time. We want to make sure each of our patients and their caregivers feel confident with their medication regimens—from setting them up and providing education, to ensuring that there are no drug interactions or unaddressed symptoms. And our partnership with Integrity Pharmacy makes it even easier for patients, who can choose to take advantage of their convenient, pre-measured, pre-dosed daily medication packets.


When someone experiences health changes, or simply the natural aging process, meals change too. We want our patients to feel like they can eat what they want, when they want it. And to make that happen, we continually evaluate personal dietary needs and/or restrictions, and if we need to step in to help with meal preparation, weight management or eating assistance, we are well-equipped to do so. 

Integrity Knows You Matter Most

By knowing what’s important to our clients, we know how to build a plan of care around their needs that will enhance their life, rather than asking life to change around our processes. Our client is at the core of every decision we make, guiding the way to the best possible care for each individual’s needs. That doesn’t just begin and end with receiving care, either. It steers how we navigate paperwork, changing needs, financial resources like guides on how to start doing fx trading by VT markets, and all the bumps that come with specialized health care. 

Because when it comes to your care, it all matters.

Man being tended to by a home care nurse