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The Cure to Medication Non-Adherence, AKA: “America’s Other Drug Problem” May Be Easier Than You Think For In-Home Care Patients

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

Did you know around 145 million Americans suffer from chronic diseases? In fact, almost half of the home health/in-home care patient populations suffer from five or more chronic conditions, and studies show that those with just three or more chronic conditions are using at least five prescriptions to manage their symptoms. 

As a community leader in the home care and hospice industry, Integrity Home Care is passionate about helping people remain independent at home. We offer education about and access to resources regarding Medication Management, an essential part of our mission as healers.

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Why is Medication Management so important to our in-home care patients? 

On the surface, it would seem like taking the same medications day-in and day-out would be an easy task for one to accomplish. However, the numbers tell us a different story. There are over 125,000 premature deaths each year in the United States alone, simply due to medication ‘non-adherence.’ 

Non-adherence can include anything from missing a dose, taking a dose too many times, taking the wrong dosage amount, or stopping the medication altogether due to cost or other concerns. And aside from the risk of premature death, medication non-adherence is also responsible for 25% of rehospitalizations—something we and our patients are constantly committed to avoiding! 

A Partnership Based on Common Goals With Integrity Pharmacy

Since the creation of Integrity Medication Management (IMM) in 2008, Integrity Home Care has been proud to partner with our friends at Integrity Pharmacy to help combat the avoidable deaths and injuries due to medication non-adherence. By encouraging our in-home care patients with multiple chronic conditions to utilize Integrity Pharmacy’s no-additional cost, convenient medication management system, we are taking one more step to help ensure they retain their independence at home. 

Integrity Pharmacy’s goal aligns perfectly with our mission at Integrity Home Care—allowing patients to more effectively and safely manage their medication in order to stay safe and healthy in their homes as long as possible—making it a natural partnership right from the start. 

What is IMM, and how can it help in-home care patients and their families? 

Integrity Medication Management is a service designed to meet the specific needs of individuals dealing with multiple chronic conditions that require complex medication regimens. Whew. 

That’s a mouthful to say, let alone swallow every day! 

And along with the issue of complexity comes a frightening 82% increased chance of an adverse drug event for those on seven or more medications. IMM helps to remove this increased risk and lower the likelihood of medication non-adherence-related deaths by delivering a recurring 30-day supply of pre-sorted, pre-packaged, and pre-dosed daily medication packets to our in-home care patients who enroll. 

With this type of management, there is virtually no risk of non-adherence—each packet is labeled with a date and time that it needs to be taken—just tear open, take contents, and relax knowing that you’ve taken exactly the right medication, at exactly the right dosage, at exactly the right time. 

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The Integrity Difference

Integrity Pharmacy will even call you before shipping each of your next 30-day supplies to make sure there haven’t been any changes to your current prescriptions or to add any new medications to your daily packets. It couldn’t be easier to take this important step in the health and safety of yourself or your loved one with complex medication needs. 

Contact Integrity Home Care + Hospice Today!

Just give us a call at 1.855.442.4968 if you’d like to add this no-cost service to your existing care plans, or reach out to our friends at Integrity Pharmacy with any questions! 

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