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Redefining Homecare

By: Greg Horton, Founder


Change can be scary and don’t think I wasn’t scared 16 yrs ago when I started Integrity, but the change was needed and I was willing to take a step of faith to lead that change. We are called to do the same today. To redefine home care. There are two distinct definitions to the word “redefine”. One is “to define differently”. The other is “to define again”. At Integrity, we are committed to do both. As the powers that be are making changes to healthcare that affect hospitals, pharmacies, home health agencies, long-term care facilities, you name it, the rules are changing, in an attempt to transform healthcare to deliver the best outcomes for patients.

We’ve been blessed over the years to assemble an amazing line up of home care services. This has been both intentional and by divine providence. As a leading home care provider today, we strive to intentionally integrate our services as seamlessly as possible to achieve the best potential outcomes for our clients. Regardless of where they are in the continuum of care, their program, or funding source, we want to be able to serve them,and be seen as their advocate and expert, helping them navigate all these overwhelming things they are facing in life and get the care they need at the right place, the right time, and with the right services. We define ourselves then as in the sense of defining differently, as a fiercely proactive mediator and advocate for our clients and patients. We will continue to strive to deliver affordable and compassionate care in the home, so tightly integrated between all of our service lines that our clients, patients ,and families see us as one. Like our name implies, Integrity, the state of being whole and undivided, cohesive and unified, one.

What must not and will not change is our Christian foundation of faith, hope, and love. It’s important to redefine in the sense of defining again, and not differently, our commitment to our mission and core values, serving others and one another with skill, compassion, and integrity.