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Prayer Perseveres

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

Hidden among many tangible losses that the COVID-19 Pandemic has dealt to our most vulnerable citizens may be the equally tragic, however, ‘quieter’ losses of daily prayer and companionship that are caused by necessary social isolation. At Integrity, we understand that our partners and their patients may be feeling this spiritual hardship more acutely than some, and are honored to share with you a recently created service that has emerged from our efforts to continually anticipate and safely provide relief for profound difficulties such as these.

As patients’ growing and largely unmet spiritual needs weighed heavily on his heart during this pandemic, Integrity Hospice Chaplain Roger Flint turned to prayer for answers, imploring, “…Lord, there ought to be something we can be doing that we’re not doing…” Our new service, Chaplain From the Window, became the clear answer to those prayers. When requested, it will allow one of our partner Chaplains to visit your facility offering the healing power of prayer to your patients in a safe, one-on-one setting. Adhering strictly to CDC guidelines, a Chaplain will move from window to window, spending time sitting outside of those belonging to patients who have indicated interest in a visit.

Our Chaplains are also available for virtual support as well and can meet with patients via Zoom upon request.


Whether on the the other side of the window or computer screen, our Chaplains are ready to share with each individual the sacred moments of prayer and comfort that may have been absent since the onset of this pandemic.

Contact us today if you believe your patients may benefit from prayer and companionship.

We’re here for you. There with you. All along the way.