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Engaging Holiday Activities To Experience With A Relative Receiving In-Home Care

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

Holidays are a wonderful time of year to celebrate the closeness of family and goodwill within the community. But for many seniors, this can be a bit of a challenge without the helping hand of a loving family member or caretaker.

Our team at Integrity Home Care + Hospice understands the unique challenges that exist for senior relatives receiving in-home care during the holidays. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss a few suggestions for safely and cheerfully navigating the holiday season with your loved one receiving in-home care. 

Online Shopping 

Time for a tech-check! We know that staying at home all the time can be a bore—especially during the holidays, when many of our senior relatives will have memories of happier times full of bustling shopping malls, cheerful holiday music and cash registers joyfully ringing and dinging as each gift is purchased. But, maintaining your senior loved one’s health and safety should be a constant focus when caring for them, and as we continue to make our way through the Covid-19 pandemic, special effort should be taken to minimize any public outings that could potentially be hazardous to their health. 

Enter ONLINE SHOPPING! It’s a chance to teach your senior relative how to be more tech-savvy, while helping them feel like they aren’t missing out on all the holiday shopping fun—and limiting person-to-person contact is a great way to protect your relative from a slew of winter illnesses that could wreak havoc on an immune system that is weakened due to age.

Hop in the Car and Take a Tour

Christmas light displays have been dropping jaws and eliciting ‘oohs and ahhs’ for decades—and in this case, what once made our jaws drop as children can still have the same effect later in life! So, hop in the car with your family and take a local ‘tour’ of several neighborhoods in your city—you’ll be surprised how many amazing displays there are, right in your own backyard. 

For senior relatives, this is an especially great way to surround them with the magic and beauty of the season, without even leaving the comfort and safety of your car, especially if it has accessories like a car sun shade

Giving Baskets

Feeling stuck at home and not having as much human interaction as years prior can leave anyone feeling a little Grinchy. But just like our favorite scraggly green Christmas character discovered—nothing cures a stagnant heart like the spirit of giving. Grab a festive basket (or decorate one together!) and fire up the laptop for another fun online shopping session to fill it up with goodies. Your senior relative will love picking out small, useful gifts for the many delivery men and women, neighbors, and mail carriers that stop at their home this holiday season.

Some great things to add to your cart are flavored Chapsticks, small bottles of hand lotions or hand sanitizer, individual packets of hot cocoa, personal packs of facial tissue, hand-warmers—and don’t forget the candy canes and foil-wrapped chocolates! Sometimes, a little sweet treat is all someone needs to brighten their day.  

After your goodies arrive, fill that basket to the brim and set it out on the porch each day with a friendly note, inviting all who stop by to partake. It’s an easy and fulfilling way to share the Christmas spirit while remaining careful to adhere to any local health and safety precautions that may apply to your senior loved one.   


Integrity Home Care Is Here With Holiday Cheer 

The Holidays don’t have to be lonely or discouraging. Our family at Integrity Home Care + Hospice is here to make sure you feel included and full of holiday cheer this year. If you have questions on how to best help your senior relative with their in-home care plan, we’d love to answer them. Please reach out to us online, or call us at 855-442-4968.


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