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Community Engagement Ideas for Seniors from Integrity Home Care and Hospice

By: Integrity Home Care + Hospice

As you age, staying active and getting involved remains vital to a balanced life. Even if these activities are much tamer than those attempted in your 20’s, keeping an active lifestyle in your later years still carries with it a slew of benefits—improving bodily functions, building and developing neural pathways, and even alleviating some signs of depression—just to name a few. Additionally, getting involved in your local community fuels a sense of purpose, which is often lacking as elders face retired life and/or isolation due to a decline in health. There are many community/social activities to choose from that will lift both your physical and mental spirits in your golden years. In today’s blog by Integrity Home Care, we offer senior citizens the best community engagement ideas and hope that they inspire you to get up and get going! 

Cooking Classes with a Twist

The sounds and smells of a great meal are enough to pique anyone’s curiosity and get them moving. And community cooking classes are a great way to bring people together to have fun while supporting local businesses. Check with some of your community centers, restaurants, or even locally-owned appliance stores (really!) for availability. If there are no local cooking classes offered where you live, consider putting your own decades of cooking experience to work (and play) by hosting one of your own!

Imagine—instead of simply watching your favorite food competition show, you create your own friendly food feud among family and friends (try saying that fast five times). Because who doesn’t love food and winning? You can adopt any of the several different cooking competition formats on today’s TV sets, transforming your own kitchen into the latest episode. Try working in teams to produce the best dish from a laundry basket full of the same pre-chosen grocery items. Or—maybe you have a signature dish. If so, invite friends or family to attempt to recreate it, and see if they can throw you from your food ‘throne’. Regardless of who ‘wins’, everyone will leave with full bellies, full hearts, and probably a new cooking trick or two.

An Event like no Other

If you’ve seen one too many cooking shows and aren’t a fan of more common community groups like book clubs or pickleball teams, try this—identify something that does bring you joy, and create your own ‘event’ around it! Providing a new experience for your fellow senior citizens will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, while giving them something new and exciting to appreciate. For our nature enthusiasts, The team at Integrity Home Care recommends outdoor activities—like bird watching (how about a game of ‘bird BINGO,’ with these sweet Bird-lovers’ BINGO cards?) and gardening clubs, or creative activities like small-group music ensembles, scrapbooking or quilting for those more comfortable spending time indoors. These are just a few ways to think outside the box and get innovative with your talents. And, no matter the activity, spending time with like-minded people will make it time well spent.

Get Involved with Integrity Home Care + Hospice 

At Integrity Home Care + Hospice, we strive to create an environment that all our clients and staff are proud to call ‘home’. We know that community engagement is a crucial component for a high quality of life and happiness, and that’s why we encourage participation in activities that bring people and families together. We’d love to bring our family to yours. For more information, contact Integrity Home Care + Hospice today.

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