Without our people, we'd be just another home care company.

At Integrity, it’s not enough for us to care about the people who work with us. Here, it’s about making Home Care better, which is why we do everything we can to help our people grow. Whether that means growing into the next job, growing from the rewards of one-on-one care, or helping others grow their potential, we are here to help our team get the most out of their calling.

Your Future is Our Future

Integrity is serious about redefining Home Care, which is why we invest in every person who joins us with the goal of making an impact. From continuing education to no cost certifications, Certified PAC Trainers to field training, and for everyone from Caregivers to Executives. We believe that the more you know, the more you grow.

Our Team is supported by:

  • Unlimited enrollment in continuing education courses
  • Certification completion at no cost
  • Certified PAC Trainers
  • Access to Relias Learning
  • Designated local training
  • In-lab and In-field training
  • Leadership Development Series

Finding your purpose has never been easier.

Finding your purpose has never been easier. Search for openings to make a difference in your community.

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Not seeing a position that matches your passion?

Connect with us here or drop us a line: careers@integrityhc.com to tell us more about yourself.

Volunteer opportunities are available. If you're interested in providing families some much needed respite, contact a Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer@integrityhc.com

    Role Descriptions


    You’ll provide one-on-one, in-home care that helps foster independence and improve quality of life for pediatric, adult and elderly clients.


    You’ll partner with parents to provide guidance, care, and respite through one-on-one care to special needs children at their home, school, or both.


    Your calling is comforting clients and their families with compassionate end-of-life care. You are there to ease pain and guide them through their final days with comfort and peace of mind.


    You’ll work one-on-one with clients to assess their condition and progress. You ensure they are safe, comfortable and meeting their healthcare goals.


    Your forte is helping clients and their families navigate the healthcare system, find community resources and gain access to a higher level of care.


    You’ll assist clients after surgery, injury or illness to regain mobility and physical strength. Your passion is ensuring safety, supporting independence and enhancing quality of life.


    Your passion is helping clients find their voice by evaluating their needs and offering solutions for speech disorders or delays and difficulty swallowing.


    You’ll support our field staff with innovative ideas, inspiration and direction. You like to find ways to elevate our level of impact and successful outcomes with real, actionable solutions.


    You’ll mentor, teach and oversee our field staff to ensure a consistently exceptional level of care, compliance and cooperation.


    In your free time, you open your heart to clients and their families in hospice care. Your passion is offering comfort, respite and companionship in their final days.

Employment benefits take on a whole new meaning.

Hear about the impact that a caregiver can have on a life.

  • “When you’re a 25 year old young man, and you have to depend on somebody just to eat, the whole pride thing becomes tough.”

    Corey B., CDS Consumer

  • “I just need someone to help me and Integrity has been great at that.”

    Linda and David H., Client

Love Notes

What’s the difference between a job and a calling? Love. Here’s what our Integrity family has to say about how we do Home Care.

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    I love what we do and why we do it. It's that neat feeling of knowing we truly are making a difference in people's lives.

    -Carrie Gratton, Supervisor

  • lovenote image

    I'm striving to fulfill my purpose. I want to reach beyond my own hands and feet.

    -Trina Smith, Assistant Nursing Supervisor

  • lovenote image

    When you go to see a client and see they're really glad you are there, it makes yours and their day better!

    -Sandra Channel, Caregiver