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We are passionately dedicated to improving the healthcare system because we all have had a personal experience with the struggle that comes with a change in health. We are here to help and support you and your family as you seek to improve or simply maintain your health and independence at home.

At Integrity, our mission is to identify and meet your home care needs and the needs of our employees with the unmatched skill, compassion, and integrity. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because that's how we would like to be treated, too.

Our People


Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Founding Integrity Home Care + Hospice was the most exciting, soul-searching, faith-building, challenging, and fulfilling experience of my professional life. God breathed Integrity into existence through an amazing set of circumstances, working simultaneously through many people’s lives to bring us together for His purpose.


To care for His children, both caregivers and clients alike, with skill, compassion and integrity is a calling, an honor and a huge responsibility. I pray that we will always understand and pursue our true purpose…with clarity and passion.


Chairman of the Board

After retiring from many years in the executive financial world of healthcare, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do, but there’s something about making a difference in lives, as healthcare does, that has always drawn me. So joining the Integrity effort just seemed right. There was a gap in the marketplace where home health and home care companies were really just an extension of hospital organizations. Most companies did not have individual owners fully committed to build the best service for their clients. We could do that. And it worked! It gives me great pride that we can be a resource to help folks stay at home whenever possible, and to see we can lesson someon’e despair is encouraging. I feel strongly that I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to do what I feel drawn to and have the talents to do.



It’s an honor to be in the position I am in as president of Integrity, and not something I take lightly. It’s more than a job for me, but an opportunity to help someone in need. Everyone has a need that can be met. A caregiver, a client, a colleague. Everyone is going through something, and in healthcare, that something can be huge. We touch lives every day. What an awesome privilege to do that. I hope that we continually create and maintain an environment and spirit in our people that our mission is deeper than just a job.


Chief Operating Officer

When I was in 2nd grade, my great grandpa moved into a nursing home. What I remember vividly about visiting him is that the room was remarkably bare. Nothing that signified the person he was, the things he enjoyed, or the life he lived was present. His pictures and paintings didn’t hang on the wall, and he didn’t know the man that laid three feet away from him on the other side of a curtain. He passed away shortly after being admitted.

Years later, I would start my career working in a residential care facility. Every person that lived there had a story. They had spouses still living at home; pets they missed; favorite chairs they had to leave behind; pictures and memories that started to fade. After seeing so many of them sacrificing their independence, their home and all its comforts, and many of the activities and hobbies that made them who they are, I began to form a strong belief: No one’s life should have to change so dramatically due to aging or illness. Regardless of need, circumstances or status- every person deserves to maintain their individuality and be treated with compassion and dignity.

This belief took root and has become my passion- it drives me every day to be a part of creating a better healthcare system.



We explore new ideas, invent things and help solve problems that change your life for the better.


Vice President of Government Affairs

I decided to change my career path to nursing as I was always the nurturer with my family and friends and was called to assist with any health predicament. I had to see firsthand what actual Nursing entailed. So, I quit my job in Restaurant Management and took a job as a Nurse’s Aide in a Nursing Home. I quickly learned the hard work in caring for many residents in a day and hearing their voices desiring to be in their own home and with their loved ones. As I went through nursing school and finished my R.N. degree I continued to work in the Nursing Home setting and then in Mental Health, but my passion for keeping others in their homes continued. I realized most of us when not feeling well ask to be at home as we enjoy the comfort of our residences and the enjoyment of being with our loved ones. I took the leap in the Home Health field and now over 25 years later Home Care is still my passion and my gratification. Instead of hands on nursing, I now have taken on an advocacy role- working with our legislators, state associations and state officials to make home care more accessible, justly regulated and leading the Home Care Industry in a progressive direction.


Vice President of Operations - Certified Divisions

From the time I graduated high school I knew I wanted to be a nurse. Caring for others during a time of need was something I knew I was passionate about. I began my career in healthcare in 2004 by working in a hospital as a nurse aide while attending nursing school. During this time I knew I had chosen the right career path. After graduation I worked in a couple different healthcare settings but neither of them was what I had imagined my role as a nurse looking like. In 2008 I had the opportunity to work in hospice. At that time I didn’t know exactly what hospice looked like but I wanted to learn more. It didn’t take me long to realize this was what I had been called to do. Being able to care for patients and families in their homes during such an intimate time of life is a privilege. I realized more and more every day I had been given the opportunity to truly help people and make a difference in the lives of those I touched. Not only was I able to make a difference in the lives of my patients but I also had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their families. Over the last 5 years my role has changed as I have gone from direct patient care to overall management of both Home Health and Hospice but my passion for helping others remains. I now have the ability to touch patients and impact care on a much larger scale by working with our team of dedicated professionals to ensure quality care is provided to those we serve as well as create a culture which strives to be the best and allows others to find their passion. I am fortunate to be part of a team who dedicates themselves to their work, provides dignity to their patients, and honors life.


Vice President of Finance + Accounting

I have always had a passion for analytical work and how technology can be embedded into processes to provide improvement. It excites me to see we can implement new ideas that allow for better patient outcomes and experiences. From a more personal vantage point, I know that the time,cost, and efficiencies I can help save on the back end, doesn’t just keep us on the cutting edge, it allows for more dedicated time one on one for our teams working with clients and our leaders coaching them. That drives and rewards me all in a day’s work!


Vice President of Information Technology

For me it’s all about helping people and giving it my all, knowing if I do this it will honor God. Technology comes natural for me and it’s just my way of helping others. I’m passionate about making things better and using technology to help people, improve patient care, and help the organization solve the complex business climate. I am happy to be part of Integrity’s quest in redefining home care.


Executive Director of Hospice

When I started as a nurse in the hospital I always felt rushed providing care, that I could not spend enough time with my patients, and that I wasn’t really helping them. When I started in hospice, I realized how much more meaningful my time could be spent helping people and their families on their journey at the end of life. I choose to work at Integrity because they allow me to do what I love, have a voice, and are a growing and innovative company.


Executive Director of Home Health

I have spent all my career working with geriatrics. It is a population that I really enjoy and feel that I can really serve. When I entered home health 8 years ago, I knew I had found my home. I was able to really see my work in action and be able to help keep vulnerable elderly patients independent and in their home. It is so great to really be 1 on 1 with a patient in their homes. It is a joy to be able to help and serve others in their time of need. Even though, I have been in home care for a while, the importance of home care hit home for me last year. My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and Alzheimer’s. It was very important for my grandmother to keep him at home with her. They had been in each other’s lives since they were 5 years old and she really wanted to be able to care for him at home. They live in a rural area and have less options for in home care. I saw the stress and struggles my grandmother went through while taking care of an ailing love one. In the end, they were able to utilize Hospice which helped my grandfather, grandmother, and the rest of the family.


Corporate Compliance Officer

I’ve always known I wanted to serve in a profession that helps others and makes a lasting impact on their lives. In 1999, I discovered the gift of home care and seeing those who were unable to advocate for themselves absolutely ignited a passion and protective nature within me. I was hooked! Having assisted in the initial startup of the Joplin office for Integrity Home Care and Hospice in 2000, I’ve been honored to serve in numerous roles from aide, scheduler, RN supervisor, director of nursing, to my current responsibilities. My goal and continued passion is to make a significant contribution to the health of those in our communities by creating and sustaining outstanding and efficient delivery of home care. While watching my own mother slowly slip away into dementia, I too have personally experienced and understand the importance and profound effect of a friendly smile, experienced guidance and skilled care. It’s personal, and it’s why I share and am deeply committed to Integrity’s mission and values.


Executive Director of Care Management

During my teenage years, I watched nurses with awe as my grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and my dad went through major heart surgery at a young age. I became a nurse because I wanted to take care of people and love on them when they didn’t feel good, just like those nurses did for my family. I found my calling when I began working in hospice, as this type of nursing allowed me to care for others in a way that no other role did. I quickly realized though, that it was about more than hospice, it was also about the months or years of life leading up to that. My passion has transformed to helping our aging society have the best quality of life possible, and teaching others the importance of this. The goal is to break down the barriers to getting our clients the services they need, improve the health care system, and close the gaps for the medically high risk population in our communities. Integrity Home Care + Hospice can be the organization that paves the way and makes a difference.



We see what's coming before it does, and help you make proactive decisions that move you in the right direction.


Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships

My purpose in life is to show Jesus’s love, compassion and develop new disciples of Christ. I’m here to educate the community on Hospice and other resources that can be used to improve, show our dignity and quality of care to our aging senior population. My family means everything to me, the responsibility to provide for them and guide and develop their walk with Jesus is the ultimate crown. I choose this career path because God choose it for me in his plans. I’m just here to navigate, help and educate the community about Hospice and other resources. The reward of helping other people in their time of need is awesome. I’m blessed to be apart of this team.


Director of Consumer Directed Services

My mother was put in hospice care when I was 16 years old. I got to experience as a teenager, the importance and gratitude of having a nurse and her team that cared so deeply for my mother so I could live my normal teenage life. As an adult, I am privileged to work with and help the staff that helps people like my mom. There is such a huge team of people beyond the nurse that goes into the home, and I get to help people help people. It’s my way of giving back, and I couldn’t ask for a better, more rewarding way.


Northland Regional Director & Private Care Director

Integrity Home Care is an amazing place to work! I look forward to coming to work each day not only because I believe in what we do, but because of the people I work with each day. Each person, no matter their position, has a Caregiver heart and puts the needs our clients and staff above their own. Never have I worked for a company like Integrity! From the Caregivers to the CEO, every person seems to deeply care about each and every client and Caregiver when making decision from daily schedules to opening new offices. It is refreshing to work with such an amazing group of people who are here because it is what we believe – treat people with respect and do what it takes to take care of those who need us.


Coming from 20 years in the banking industry, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of people with the passion to help people! Home care is near and dear to me on a personal level and now working within the industry, I have a whole new respect for what it takes to keep people in their homes. Although each day brings new challenges, it is the most rewarding position I have ever held! I am proud to be a member of the Integrity Home Care + Hospice team as we have amazing leaders that allow us to do what it takes to succeed!


Regional Director of Home Care - South Missouri

I first started with the company as my last child left for college, and I was looking to begin the next chapter of my life. I loved elderly people, and thought I would enjoy working 1 on 1 with them. I did love doing that, and it gave me a perspective and experience that was invaluable! Over the last 5 years, I have discovered that my true passion is in making a difference on an even bigger scale. Every day the job I have now allows me the privilege of looking for ways to resolve issues for clients and our staff, so that the mission we are here to accomplish can be successful. Every day is a challenge to improve on what we do, to meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens and to bring out the best in myself and those I work with. Every day brings me joy to meet those challenges!


Hospice Administrator - South Missouri

Hospice has allowed me to care for the whole patient and their family as they journey together in the final phase of a patient’s life.  While every journey is different, they all give me the opportunity to learn and appreciate what really matters in life.


Home Health Administrator - South Missouri

I’ve been with the company for several years now. i originally started here as a field nurse seeking flexibility and quickly came to love my job. The difference we make in the lives of our patients was immediately noticeable. It’s so much more than healthcare. It’s a sharing of compassion and true “caregiving” that can be found nowehere else. I believe that intent is a big part of the difference at IHCH, we intentionally give of ourselves to our patients over and above the minimum requirements. i am so fortunate to lead and be led by some of the best in the business and certainly the ones with the best intent.


Director of Community Relations

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in several diversified areas in the wide spectrum of health care. However, after my father was diagnosed with a terminal disease, my focus and passion turned to Home Health and Hospice. This personal experience validated my professional path in emphasizing the importance of quality care and honoring the uniqueness of each individual’s wants and needs. Working for an organization that allows me to contribute to helping people age in place and live their life with dignity is heartening.


Director of Strategic Partnerships - Joplin & SE Kansas

I grew up in the healthcare arena, going with my dad, who is a physician, as he would make rounds at local skilled nursing facilities and hospitals.  That’s how I learned about dignity and quality of life for patients.

I have a passion for hospice after working in healthcare for over 14 years and also after experiencing hospice care with multiple family members.  We all have a limited time given on the earth.  It’s important to me that patients are given the option to not only experience comfort, compassion, and dignity at the end of their lives but also that they have that option when they are still able to make decisions about what they want their care to look like-not just during the last few weeks of life.

I also believe God has created very special people who work on our hospice teams and am thankful for them and the wonderful work they do.



We do right by our values and your family. We trust our instincts and experience to exceed your expectations.


Director of Strategic Partnerships - Greater Springfield Area

I truly believe that we each have a calling and with this we have a journey and a story to tell. After graduating with a business degree, I knew that I wanted to enter the world of health care. My Grandmother was a nurse and her compassion for others inspired me to become a Registered Nurse. I was honored to receive my nursing degree in 1995. Since then, I have worked in a variety of roles in the hospital setting caring for patients at the bedside and later served in mentoring and management positions. Each step and experience set the stage for my future. While managing a Home Health & Hospice office, I confirmed that this area of health care was my opportunity to reach people further and support them in their home settings. Joining the Integrity team has been an incredible blessing to me. Each day, I look forward to sharing with others the wonderful services that Integrity Home Care & Hospice has to offer and the quality and compassion that is delivered to our patients and families.


Branch Manager - Lee's Summit, MO

The smile on a client’s face after you have given everything you have to help take care of them, is the most rewarding thing I feel I could receive. My language of appreciation is words of kindness, and a smile to me is all I need to know that someone is happy, it lights me up. From the beginning of life to the end of life I want to make sure that the service we provide is something that will last in their heart. There is something about someone who has lived a long, full life and I have been chosen to assure their last days with us are whatever they would like to imagine it should be. My heart is their heart when I am with my clients. I want to feel what they feel, and see it through their eyes as they continue to teach me about life day in and day out. My “why” is being able to give them everything they deserve when they can’t do it on their own.


Branch Manager - Joplin, MO

I have worked for Integrity for 4 years and love getting up every morning and going to work. I have worked in the medical field for years and I have never worked for a company that is truly like family. I work with people who share the same passion and drive that I have and that is knowing I get to help someone stay home by providing the help they need.


Branch Manager - Columbia, MO

I have been in the healthcare field for over 12 years. I have always known that taking care of others is what I am supposed to do, it is my passion. I worked in a nursing home as a CNA for 7 years, 5 of which I helped care for my grandma who was living in the facility. I felt blessed that I was able to take care of her during her last years of life. From the nursing home I found Integrity and helped take care of people in their homes. Seeing how happy my clients were being able to stay in their home made me wish that I would have known home care was an option for my grandma. Integrity has given me many opportunities for advancement in the 5 years that I have been here such as; Field Supervisor, Scheduler, Department Supervisor and now my current position as Branch Manager. Being able to reflect on my experiences as a caregiver in the field has provided me the tools to be an effective leader for my team. I am so grateful to have found Integrity, not only for my personal growth but also for the fulfillment I experience being part of a team that makes a difference in the lives of our clients and community.


Branch Manager - Festus, MO


Branch Manager – Lebanon, MO

I feel as though I was called to Integrity by God. After staying at home with my disabled child for 11 years and getting my degree, I decided to go back into the workforce. I applied for the scheduling position at Integrity and had an interview the same week. Since that day, I have been blessed over and over through the work I have been able to do.

Shortly after my career at Integrity began, my daughter became gravely ill. She was hospitalized for 4 months, 3 hours away, at Christmas time. Not only did Integrity hold my job, they made several donations to my family, held fundraisers for us, and my co-workers in the Lebanon office bought my 3 children Christmas presents that year. I don’t just have co-workers at Integrity, I have family.

My mentors saw gifts and talents in me that I had never seen in myself. I was blessed to be promoted to Scheduling Supervisor, Program Manager, and now Branch Manager. I have the privilege of encouraging our staff and helping them find their special gifts and talents, just as my mentors at Integrity have done for me. We meet our clients when they are at the most stressful and confusing times of their lives. We can help create a specialized care plan to keep them at home, help them live their best life, and relieve stress for their family and loved ones. I love my career at Integrity, and I love the work we do each day!


Branch Manager - Springfield, MO

I started working in the Home Health Care industry almost 30 years ago. I felt that I had finally found a profession that would allow me to combine my passion for helping others with my desire to have a meaningful and fulfilling career. I thought that this combination would allow me to always be working for something that I loved, and it has. When I started working for Integrity Home Care in 2001, I immediately felt that I had found my home. No matter what position I have held, I have always felt that my work is making a difference in the lives of our clients, our caregivers and the people I work with on a daily basis.

Throughout my career at Integrity, God has always been with me and has provided me with many opportunities to use my strengths to help Integrity grow and improve and thrive in the midst of the ever changing Home Care industry. God has blessed me every step of the way. I am so honored to be able to serve as Branch Manager for the Springfield office and work to fulfill our Mission every day, to help our clients remain in their homes for as long as possible and to provide meaningful work for our employees.


Home Health Clinical Director - Ft. Scott, KS


We guide your entire care journey -- building positive outcomes and ensuring you always feel at home with us. Because "home" just happens to be our middle name.


Home Health Administrator - Kansas City, MO


Administrator - Ft. Scott, KS


HR Director

I came to work in healthcare because I wanted to help others. Human Resources happened to be what I stumbled upon to be able to make that happen. My why is to help and serve, in any way that’s needed. HR allows me to build relationships with so many different people, which in turn allows me to make an impact in their lives. It’s these relationships that allow me to see the impact that’s happened, to know that I somehow was able to help that person through a difficult or stressful situation. This is what I love to do.