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7 Video Games Appropriate for Seniors Recovering at Home


Integrity Home Care + Hospice helps you or your relative heal at home, whether you just got home from the hospital or need long-term care. Healing at home is sometimes best for improved health outcomes because you’re in familiar surroundings that make you happy and more relaxed.


Healing at home reduces stress and helps you maintain a routine as you have friends and family over. One way seniors can have fun while recovering at home is through video games. 


Why video games? Integrity Home Care + Hospice explains seven video games appropriate for seniors recovering at home.


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Reasons To Play Video Games

First, we’ll talk about why seniors should play video games.


Easy physical activity. You sit down when you play video games. It allows your senior relative recovering from home to get moderate physical activity without moving around too much or worrying about falling over.


Family bonding. Younger generations love video games. Senior relatives recovering at home would love some company and companionship from their loved ones. Your family can bond over playing video games.


Better cognition. Studies show that 3D video games can actually help prevent memory loss, particularly if you play problem-solving games.


AARP states that older adults playing video games has increased. According to a survey, the number of older gamers rose from 40.2 million to 50.6 million from 2016 to 2019.

7 Video Games For Seniors Recovering At Home To Enjoy

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Most gamers have heard of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the megahit from Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a community-based game that allows for social interaction with computerized characters and players who create an island living experience. You can talk to residents, visit other islands, and create an island based on your design preferences. It’s a chill game that gives you plenty of time to be creative and artistic.

  • Candy Crush

Everyone with a mobile phone knows Candy Crush. It’s like a modern version of Tetris. The game is simple: match three of the same candies in a row to add to your score and progress to new levels. There is one thing to be careful of: in-app purchases. Make sure to not spend too much money, if any, on this game. You can get Candy Crush for Android or Apple phones.

  • Super Mario Bros.

Just about any Super Mario Bros. video game is an excellent choice. It’s a classic game with 30 years of history. Modern versions have Mario and his pals soaring through space, fighting Bowser in underground lava caves, and racing against others using silly obstacles and weapons to slow down opponents. Mario games are on Nintendo consoles.

  • Wordscapes

Word games are both fun and educational, as they allow seniors recovering at home to stimulate their brains. Wordscapes combines a letter scramble with a crossword puzzle, similar to traditional Scrabble. With over 6,000 levels, your senior relative has plenty of opportunities to improve their cognitive abilities.

  • Simulators

Computers, consoles, and mobile devices offer many types of simulation games. Flight, train, space flight, and city-building simulators allow your senior relative recovering at home to solve real-world problems and puzzles in a safe and fun setting. Fly across the ocean, launch a rocket into space, haul cargo or passengers on a transcontinental railroad, or build your town or civilization while taking into consideration factors that may affect the process.

  • Wii Sports Resort

One of the best chill video games of all time, Wii Sports Resort came out in 2009 for Nintendo and its revolutionary Wii console. It allows you to take a vacation on a tropical island and participate in all manner of activities. The beauty of this game comes from the different intensity levels of physical exertion. For something more strenuous, enter a bike race, canoe in the water, joust against an opponent, or play ping pong. For more chill vibes, fly around in a plane to pop balloons, spend 18 holes on a golf course, aim at targets with archery, or perform wakeboarding tricks.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft is an ultimate open-world experience that allows you to create whatever you want using cubes and blocks. The game gives you tools to harvest dirt, rocks, trees, sand, and minerals and craft them into building materials. You can play in creative mode without any bad guys or turn on different levels of regular play to have zombies and other bad guys appear throughout the game. Minecraft is available on any console and a PC.


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Help for Seniors Recovering at Home

Integrity Home Care + Hospice can help your loved one heal at home, whether your relative needs help after a long hospital stay or assistance performing everyday tasks. Our team can help your relative by simply spending time with them to give them companionship when they seem alone and isolated. Contact us or call 1.855.442.4968 for more information!