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There’s a better way to find and afford home care. Fortunately, you’re already here.

Unlike a lot of the people who need our services, we’ve been here before. Over the past couple decades, our team of Care Navigators, advocates and activists have learned the shortcuts and contacts that lead to solutions for all people, under any circumstances. At Integrity, we dedicate a point-person to match you with the services, support and resources to live life on your terms.

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Love Notes

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference, and sometimes it's the big things. Here are the things that have made a difference to our Integrity family.

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    When you’re a 25 year old young man, and you have to depend on somebody just to eat, the whole pride thing becomes tough. My attendant provides everything – mostly less responsibility for myself because I can’t do everything. Thinks like laundry, groceries, cleaning, and I’m not a cook really – I can only make sandwiches – they really do a little bit of everything for me. They go above and beyond and it’s just great. My attendant doesn’t really need help with anything. She’s been with me on and off for 12 years now so she pretty much knows the schedule. Every now and then something comes up, but I just let her know.

    -Corey Blevins

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    I have worked in the human services field for a little over 14 years. It's my passion to care for others. My job is different everyday - when working with individuals, you face new challenges on a daily basis. I love the person that I have become today all because of the individuals that I have served in the past.

    -Rocci Dailing, Care Supervisor

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    I wish more CNAs knew about Home Care because it's more about relationships and they get to really focus on the client's well being one at a time, one on one.

    -Shakiya Timpe, Field Navigator